Tepeng 2010

Besao Ubaya Festival 2010
Orange tents were put up at the ball ground so everybody could enjoy the community potlatch under the shade.

2 thoughts on “Tepeng 2010

  1. Jip Bandaay Gomuad

    I love so much the Tepeng where a prepared sumptuous viand (unpublished in the cook book) was everyone’s intent from St. James high school to our clan’s abong or dap-ay. What matters most is the Lunch Fellowship attended by Villagers enjoying the blessings from Kabunyan. Tepeng portrays a Fellowship over meals the Ibesao are enjoying the spirit of Equality, Peace and Unity guarded up to this day. Tepeng = binumgi ay botilas, kalubasa, petsay ya amed nan etag na. aye. Good post.

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