7 thoughts on “Come home to Besao

  1. Karen Y. Belagan

    I wish I could post some pictures…but I’m so delighted to have found this site.

  2. Romela L. Salapeo

    nice site….
    can you also post the history of Besao and some of the Barangay’s because we are unfamiliar with it.Thank You

  3. Modesto Gaab

    This is a good site. How can i contact the administrator so we can upload the recently compiled local legends and folk lores.

  4. jake

    I don’t even know if this site is updated anymore. This website started way back when I was still a high school student in Saint James High School. I think no one is maintaining the site. I really hope the management of Saint James High School would give more attention to improving this site because it has a lot of potential. It’s supposed to be the source of information for the Ibesaos who can’t get to go home for long periods of time and of course to promote our hometown.

  5. jake

    As to the administrator contact the teacher Mr. Alfredo Gallardo. Sorry you have to ask someone else for his contact number since I don’t have with me atm.

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